Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hurricane Earl Hits Puerto Rico :(

Hurricane Earl officially hit the Promise Land last night at 8pm. Around 100,000 people are without electricity at the moment. I believe the hurricane is on it's way out now (Thank God). I have tons of family in Puerto Rico but their homes are ok because they have strong foundations. Anyone who has been to Puerto Rico knows that the majority of the homes there are not sturdy and can be damaged by heavy winds and flooding :(

I checked Red Cross this morning to see if they set up a disaster relief fund but they haven't yet. I will keep you posted!

Rick Sanchez Calls Obama "The Cotton Picking President of the United States" (UNREAL)

He will come up with some asinine explanation on why he is not racist.

This man needs a life coach.

via huffingtonpost.com

Lauryn Hill Interview with MTV News

Monday, August 30, 2010

Skyzoo & !llmind "Speakers on Blast" (Platanos)

This song is nuts! My girls Erin, Crystal & I were at the video shoot for this song yesterday, styling the lead video chick. Needless to say, she looked fabulous!

Click here to listen

True Blood Recap: RIP Russell & Standing O for Sam Merlotte

The reigning King Russell passed away last night. Eric convinced him he can walk in daylight if he drank Sookie's fairy blood (I don't believe Eric is going to die too. That's just my guess). Needless to say, Russell fried like a rotisserie chicken when he stepped into the sun.

On a much lighter note, Sam Merlotte was an insane ranting lunatic last night. I may re-watch the episode just to see that scene. LMAO.

The season finale of True Blood is on Sunday, Sept. 12th.

Best Dressed at the 2010 Emmys: Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Click here to see all the 2010 Emmy Winners at the Examiner.

Congrats to one of my favorite shows on television, Mad Men, for winning Best Drama Series!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog to You Monday...

I had a very long & exhausting week folks. There isn't much to blog about today either =/

Buen fin de semana!

Jon Stewart Vs Glenn Beck (Re: His Civil Rights Rally)

I Have a Scheme
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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If You Thought G Chat was Overwheliming...Introducing Gmail Phone (OYE!)

I'm definitely a Google lover; it's the only search engine I use, all my emails are gmail based and *clears throat* I use Blogger.

This idea concerns me. I haven't logged into my gmail yet but I'm scared. I can't stand G Chat because everyone who has my email address can chat with me...and NOW they can call me too. QUE FUE?!

Click here to read more at PC World

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek "Love Language"

Sookie will Star in Scream 4. WAIT THERE'S A SCREAM 4?!

Anna Paquin (Sookie from True Blood) will make a cameo in Scream 4. I can't believe there will be a Scream 4. They have been showing Scream 3 on Showtime a lot this summer. Hmmmmmmm. Scream 4 is supposed to feature the original cast including Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott.

Click here to read more at M & C

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers' Tracks

People that know me well know I'm a Chili Peppers stan. Here's some of my favs...

Schedule for NY Fashion Week Sept 9-16

Ideally, I'd like to see Badgley Mischka & Narciso Rodriguez.

Click here to see the schedule at the MB Fashion Week website

The Situation Made $5 Million in 2010

Jersey Shore star Mike aka The Situation reported brought home $5 million this year. I remember back in the day reality tv stars would be on the show and then go home to their normal lives. Now, they're our television stars. I'm not sure how he made that much but I'm sure it has to do with appearances, endorsements deals, etc.

I have to admit. I find The Situation and the rest of the Jersey Shore cast extremely entertaining. Can't blame them. GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Black Milk ft. eLZhi & Royce da 5'9 "Deadly Medley"

It's as dope as you think! <3

Foreign Exchange Authenticity Tracklist & Cover Art

I love that the album only has 11 songs. I prefer shorter albums. Quality Vs. Quantity...


01. The Last Fall
02. Authenticity
03. Eyes To The Sky
04. All Roads
05. Fight For Love
06. Maybe She'll Dream Of You
07. Don't Wait
08. Make Me A Fool
09. Everything Must Go
10. Laughing At Your Plans
11. This City Ain't The Same Without You

Due out Oct 12th

Are These 2 Songs the Same Song? Iesha Vs. Poison

Shouts to G for pointing this out. TLC "What About Your Friends" also sounds similar to me...

8 of the Most Overrated People in History (LMAO)

I was hoping this dude ^^^^^^^^ would be on the list lmao.

Very entertaining. The list was created by Mark Juddery.

Peep the list at Huffington Post

True Blood Recap: The Cat is Finally Out of the Bag

We finally know what Sookie is. She's a damn fairy.

Paying Homeage to My Fav Steakhouse Ruth's Chris

Miss Erin Moyer told me that she has never been to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse before. TRAVESTY! I decided to treat my partner in crime to the legendary deliciousness on Friday night and this is what we ordered...

Ruth's Chopped Salad

A mix of fried onions, bacon, tomato, croutons & blue cheese

The Lobster Bisque

Erin claimed it's the best she's ever tasted.

Main Course from afar...

We couldn't decide on the steak or the chicken so we got both!

Filet Mignon

Stuffed Chicken

Chocolate Explosion Lava Cake

The only thing I did not mention was the wine. We ordered a bottle of the Estancia Pinot Grigio.

Ruth's Chris is located on 51st St in Manhattan between 6 & 7 avenue

Friday, August 20, 2010

Where to Make a Donation to Pakistan

Support Pakistan Relief and Development with the American Red Cross.

I just made my donation today! Pakistan needs us right now.

Click here to make a donation.

Yoga Saved My Life...

In college, I found out I had an issue with my heart rate & I was experiencing extreme heart palpitations almost daily. I was on medication for almost 4 years but I didn't want to take pills every single day for the rest of my life. Yoga basically saved my life. It taught me how to naturally keep my heart rate at a normal pace by using breathing techniques. Plus, my body has never looked better!

Give it a try!

Foreign Exchange Discusses New Album "Authenticity"

Excited to hear this <3

Due out on Oct 12th.

Video: John Legend & The Roots ft. Melanie Fiona & Common "Wake Up Everybody"

Simply beautiful.

Directed by Gil Green

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blast from My Past: Midnight Star "Curious"

My New Exclusive Rock! Let's Take a Look at The Collection...

^^^^^^That is my new Wendy Mink exclusive prehnite rock! Which means you can't cop the same one :p BUT I wanted to post some photos of the Wendy Mink Jewelry I've worn in the past. They are available at www.wendyminkjewelry.com


Big shouts to Miss Erin Moyer!

Guess Who is Hosting the 2010 MTV VMA's?

My homegirl ^^^^^^^^ <3 her

Jon Stewart's Glenn Beck Impression (LMAO)

News Corp. Gives Money to Republicans
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Facebook Jacks Foursquare & Adds Check In Feature

I guess you can't really blame the people at Facebook. They are the pioneers of this whole social network craze. According to HuffingonPost.com, Facebook will be adding a local check in feature...basically Foursquare on Facebook. The Feature will be called Facebook Places.

I have to admit. I am kinda for this. I refused to sign up for Foursquare because I feel like it's waaaaay too much. I already have a FB, Twitter and a blog. Plus, I can't stand signing up for shit and getting ridiculous spam mail.

Click here to read more about it

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Evan Rachel Wood Poses for Gucci (Flawless)

This is Gucci's Ad campaign for their new fragrance Guilty. <3 Evan! Good Choice!

Generation Deaf: 1 Out of 5 Teens Experiences Hearing Loss

We all recognize these ^^^^^^^^^

The louder the better? Not the best idea unless you want hearing aids by age 35. Unfortunately, my generation has been bombarded with phenomenons like car systems, surround sound, iPods, etc. All in which are terrible for your ears. I admit myself that I love loud music but I'm aware of the damage it can bring on because I used to work in Healthcare Public Affairs. I listen to the TV so low that people always ask me "You can really hear that?" Most people find out they can't control themselves when it comes to volume. We are so used to everything being loud. This has got to change. I think its to the point where decibel levels should be regulated. Ever hear your ears ringing? That's a sign of hearing loss. Change your habits today *spirit fingers*

Click here to read more about the study at RedOrbit

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Joaquin Phoenix's I'm Still Here Trailer (Documentary of his Hip-Hop Career)

THIS DUDE HERE LMAO! I know several people who have bumped into Mr. Phoenix at hip-hop shows and they were all confused whether Mr. Phoenix was being serious or not? The guy from Gladiator? WTF?

Method Man Hit in the Face with a Beer While Performing

Method Man and Redman graced the stage at Juggalos last weekend. Unfortunately, the crowd was extremely out of control. Some idiot decided to throw a full beer can right at his head leaving Meth bloody with a gash on his face. After the incident, Meth supposedly said to the crowd "Start the music, we're continuing the show. Let's fuck these motherfuckers up!" LMAO! <3 HIM


Click here to read more at TMZ

Speaking of Meth...I heard this joint the other day. "I guess I'm like my old dad, I love my women bad"

Joell Ortiz Hot 97 Freestyle

Click here to listen

<3 how he mentions Five Guys

spotted at nahright

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wish List: Burberry Metallic Check Coat

^^^^^^^I need this for fall. I think I'm just obsessed with metallics.

Available at Bloomies

True Blood Recap: The Official Takeover

Last night's episode was the best episode ever! The beginning of the episode starts after Talbot (Russell's Boyfriend) gets murdered by Eric. We all knew Russell wasn't going to let that slide.

Meanwhile, Jason Stackhouse's floozy is still getting him into trouble. I think she is a werewolf. This is just my prediction. She seems to have an unbreakable bond with her ex-boyfriend and I think that's the reason.

Bill went into "Sookie Land" so to speak. He emerged into the fairy like world that we saw Sookie in last episode and Bill found out what Sookie is. Of course, they did not spill the beans this episode but hopefully we will find out in the next one.

Poor poor Tara. This girl can't seem to get away from turmoil. The vampire she attempted to kill in Russell's home did not die (what a surprise lol). He appeared at her job and she wasn't scared. I think she figures at this point what does she have to lose. Jason Stackhouse appeared on the scene (he seems to be a cowboy now with his new gun) and shoots the vamp...but I'm sure he'll reappear.

The leader of the VRA (Vampire Rights Association) paid a visit to Eric and gave him permission to kill Russell. Basically, that means a war is about to start. YES! The end of the episode was the kicker. The VRA leader was watching the news on her plane ride back home and suddenly...Russell appeared on the screen and ripped out the newscasters spine. He then announced to the world that the Vampires are taking over and will dispose of the human race. *Cat jumps out bag* It's no longer a dilemma for just The South. The world knows!

*Side Note: I admire the writers of True Blood for incorporating homosexuality into the plot for both men & women. I think more and more shows will do the same. It's 2010. It should not be "taboo" anymore and I think shows like True Blood help people see that. *tips hat*

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Thousand Kisses From You...

This song came on after my Yoga Class last night. I was jammin' *dances*

Denzel Washington Honoured for his Longstanding Film Career

Last night in LA, Denzel Washington was honoured at a special ceremony for his amazing career on the big screen. He is one of my fav actors (with 3 Golden Globes & 2 Oscars) and just so happens to be the sexiest man to ever walk this earth. *spirit fingers*

*Side Note: For those that probably think I can't spell. Honoured is a word. Peep this

Video: Jay-Z Performs at The World Basketball Festival


I love how excited the kids are :)

via wpix.com

Shyne Discusses 50's Prank Call w/MTV News

I don't understand. When are people going to realize that 50 enjoys clownin? *passes memo*

Joell Ortiz's Profile with Dee Vasquez

PROFILE: Joell Ortiz from dee vazquez on Vimeo.

<3 this.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Take on This Fantasia Situation...My Prayers are with Her

I developed a soft spot for Fantasia after watching her Bio-Film (I think it was on Lifetime?). The girl has been through a lot in her life and now this...too sad :(

I don't know the entire story but apparently Fantasia's boyfriend is married & his wife isn't exactly happy about the situation. According to People Magazine, you can sue someone for "homewrecking" in the state of North Carolina. In my opinion, you can't wreck a home of a separated married couple. I mean, they don't even live in the same house. *sigh*

My prayers go out to Fantasia & her family. She's strong and will get through this without a doubt.

Real Housewife Danielle Staub's Birthday Party at Scores

NYPost.com posted this coverage today. Yes, I'm a loser for watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey but I can't help myself. It's extremely entertaining lol.

I am not surprised that Kim G tried to crash the party. This grandma is everywhere.

Bill O'Reilly Vs. Jennifer Aniston

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

^^^^^^^^I'll let Keith Olbermann tell you about it lmao

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alicia Myers "I Want to Thank You"

I've had this song stuck in my head all morning. *dances*

Jon Stewart's Views on The Mosque at Ground Zero

Municipal Land-Use Hearing Update
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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Police Charge a Man for Marinating a Cat & Preparing to Eat It :(

This is disturbing. It makes me very angry. Police pulled over Gary Korkuc for running a stop sign in Buffalo, NY. The police officers on the scene heard something coming from the trunk and discovered a kitty cat marinating in oil and hot pepper (beyond evil). When asked about the cat, Korkuc claimed the cat was selfish & greedy. I guess his way of punishing the cat is to eat it? :(

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Liiiiiiiike the Waaaay. You Kiss Me When We're Playing the Kissing Game

Shouts to my sis Angela aka Manny. We used to sing this on the top of our lungs!

The very first song I learned by <3

Freebass 808 - Mick Boogie & Mighty Mi Present: 7th Galaxy​/​Psychic Energy


"Out of this World" = Dope x 10

<a href="http://freebass808music.bandcamp.com/album/mick-boogie-and-mighty-mi-present-7th-galaxy-psychic-energy">Freebass 808 Introduction by Freebass 808</a>

Andre 3000 "I Do" Verse

I guess this is Andre's verse for Jeezy's new joint called "I Do"

I'm not crazy about Jeezy's verse though so here's 3stacks

spotted at nahright

For those that are confused on why I think Andre is the greatest...

True Blood Recap: When in Doubt...Seduce & Pounce

I think Eric ^^^^^ surprised everyone the most this episode. He has a master plan to take over the King's reign and apparently he will do anything to make sure this happens. Eric offered to keep the King's boyfriend entertained while the King tracked down Sookie. The King's boyfriend made Eric strip (which was kinda exciting because all the men on the show have amazing bodies) but then Eric began to seduce him...I was a bit puzzled to say the least. I knew this had to be part of his plan. Before "doing the deed" Eric kills the boyfriend instead...creating a huge war.

Bill & Sookie are finally back together. The sex scene at the end was uber intense. I guess "once you go Vamp you don't go back?"

*Side Note: If I was Sookie, I would have pounced on Alcide (The Werewolf) in that one scene. *fans self*

Vacacion is Over. Back in the Officicio...

I went on a 4 day vacay with my partner in crime Erin aka E Bunny. Swimming, Tanning, amazing food & we tore down the club scene.

"You a hot thing..."

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Officially on Vacation! Will Be Back on Tuesday :)

I'm going on a mini vacay to perfect my ^^^^^ tan.


Jenny-Marie (Miss Miranda if you're nasty)

My Fav Teddy Riley Jams *Does Roger Rabbit*

I think everyone knows by now I'm kind of a stan when it comes to Teddy Riley. I obviously can't fit his entire discog on here BUT if you want to see just how many classic tracks this man has done Click here

Rudy Giuliani's Daughter Arrested for Shoplifting at Sephora

Oye! I'm happy my parents didn't allow me to wear makeup lol. I don't think this is too serious though. People shoplift...shit happens *shrugs*

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eva Mendes' Sex Tape (Genius PR)

People always stop and tell me I resemble Eva Mendes (I don't see it). Biggest compliment ever AND she is funny! <3 her.

5 Reasons to Burn a Bridge

I know what people are going to say...It's NEVER a good idea to burn a bridge. I totally agree *but* to what extent? Sometimes it's best to burn a bridge if the path isn't worth crossing again. It's a trial and error process for me. If the other side of the bridge causes stress and negativity, I think it's best to *splashes kerosene & lights match*

1) Threatens Career

Being a Public Relations Rep isn't easy and reputation is everything. Unfortunately, everyone knows that LOL. Once I hear those words "I will destroy you" that's my cue to exit and stay as far away from that person as possible. I keep a tight circle and my work speaks for itself so it doesn't worry me. It's the thought that someone would actually go to that extent that ruffles my feathers a bit. It takes a certain person (of ignorance) to say this so I would say its safe to light that match! LOL

2) Pathological Liar

Oh we all know these ding dongs. It seems like they lie so much that they seem to believe their own lies (AND no I am not just talking about Men). I've had to burn bridges with female friends who can't seem to tell the truth about anything. A relationship of any kind is built on trust so when someone constantly lies (even about small things) I feel deceived. It's extremely hurtful and difficult to deal with this type of person. I think some people are actually addicted to lying. You find them lying about what they had for breakfast (no lol). Definitely give a person a few chances but if it seems like a pattern of fictional folk talks...ummm yeah light that match!

3) Finders Keepers

Hahaha you'd be surprised who is trying to get you for your shit (and for all sorts of reasons). I think this one is self explanatory. The usual excuse is "I had every intention of giving it back." ....light that match.

4) Troubled Surroundings

We all have those certain people in our lives that we adore to death but they are always getting into trouble. This one is really hard because it's not what the person is doing directly to me but more about what could happen if I hang out with them. Don't cut this person off harshly. Let them know the logistics. "It's simply not safe to be around your crazy ass"...light that match

5) Merry-Go-Round of Disrespect

There are certain people who can't seem to grasp the concept of respect. It usually irks me because I want to be treated the same way I treat that particular person. Obviously that isn't the case in every situation. Constantly Putting You Down, Over the Top Rudeness (Hostile attitude about everything), Pompous (I'm better than you) etc.

You find yourself saying "Why am I nice to this person when he/she is such an asshole to me?"

^^^^^^^^If you've asked yourself the above question more than 3 times...its safe to light that match.

In Conclusion: Burning a Bridge sometimes = Cutting Your Losses. Life is too short. Don't waste it on people who are simply not worth your time. You're better than that ;)

Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait"

Every time I hear this song I think of my Mom. I have my parents to thank for my musical taste. *dances*

My Girl Sandra Bullock Tops the Forbes List as the Highest Paid Actress

I love this woman! *spirit fingers*

Click here to see what other actress made the Forbes list at MTV.com

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Never Heard This Version of "Moments in Love" by Art of Noise

Shouts to G for informing me there are like 3-4 versions of this lmao

Finally Feeling Better! Back to Work!

I had a terrible sore throat and laryngitis this weekend/Monday. Tons of green tea with honey and Popsicles!